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Focused Energy Productions

Focused Energy Productions, based in Edmonton, specializes in creating high-quality video and audio content. Their services include commercial and training videos, digital marketing content, social media videos, recruitment videos, music videos, and sports videography. By focusing on engaging storytelling and comprehensive production processes, from concept development to post-production, they help brands effectively communicate their message and reach their target audience.


Focused Energy Productions





Type of Work

Website Development
Social Media Management


By combining Focused Energy Productions' expertise in high-quality video production with LaLune Marketing's digital marketing prowess, this partnership offers a comprehensive suite of services. Together, they provide branding and rebranding, engaging content creation for social media and websites, event coverage with professional videography, and SEO-optimized web development. This collaboration ensures cohesive, high-impact marketing solutions that effectively communicate client messages and engage target audiences.

LaLune Marketing has enhanced Focused Energy Productions' online presence through website updates and SEO optimization, driving more traffic and improving search rankings. Their social media management increases audience engagement and expands reach. Additionally, LaLune's graphic design and professional photography help to showcase Focused Energy's portfolio, attracting new clients and opportunities.

LaLune developed targeted social media strategies for the video content produced by Focused Energy Productions. They analyzed audience demographics and preferences to create engaging posts that maximized reach and engagement. By leveraging trending hashtags, optimizing posting schedules, and crafting compelling captions, LaLune ensured the videos resonated with the target audience, driving increased visibility and interaction across social platforms.

LaLune Marketing stepped in to enhance client presentations for Focused Energy Productions by providing professional headshots and photo editing services.

Their expertise ensured high-quality, polished images that aligned with the brand's visual standards. These professional photos not only improved client profiles but also contributed to a more cohesive and attractive portfolio for Focused Energy Productions.

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