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Gent's Talk Podcast

Gent's Talk is a Canadian podcast by Gent’s Post, presented by Bulova and hosted by Samir Mourani. The show features notable guests discussing business, relationships, challenges, and their paths to success. New episodes are available every Monday on all major podcast platforms. It ranks in the Top 10 self-help/mental health podcasts in North America and the Top 5% globally on Spotify in 2024. Seasons 1-4 are also available on Air Canada's inflight entertainment system.


Gent's Talk Podcast





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Gent's Talk features in-depth conversations with notable guests discussing a wide range of topics, including business, relationships, personal challenges, and their paths to success. The podcast aims to explore the intricacies of their journeys, providing listeners with valuable insights and lessons. Guests like Shawn Kanungo and Andrew Phung share their unique experiences, making the show a rich source of inspiration and practical advice for navigating various aspects of life.

LaLune Marketing played a pivotal role in boosting the online presence of the Gent's Talk podcast through expert social media management and the creation of short-form clips. Their strategic approach to content repurposing led to several clips going viral on TikTok, some amassing over 3 million views. By leveraging their skills in engaging storytelling and targeted social media tactics, LaLune significantly increased the podcast's reach and audience engagement, showcasing their ability to transform content into highly shareable and impactful media.

LaLune's strategic content repurposing on TikTok led to several clips exceeding 1 million views. Featuring notable guests like James Blunt and Shan Boodram, LaLune's engaging storytelling and targeted social media strategies boosted the podcast’s reach and audience engagement. This showcases our capability to transform content into highly shareable and impactful media.

In a recent episode of the Gent’s Talk podcast, James Blunt discussed his approach to life, fame, and emotional challenges. Known for his hit "You're Beautiful," Blunt emphasized the importance of not taking life too seriously and shared insights from his time as a reconnaissance officer.

He reflected on the impact of fame and the lessons learned from his boarding school education, which encouraged him to pursue any path he desired. The episode, recorded at the Kimpton Epic Hotel in Miami, underscores Blunt's laid-back philosophy and resilience in the music industry.