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Modern Modular

Modern Modular, based in Edmonton, specializes in designing and constructing innovative and sustainable prefab modular homes. With decades of combined experience, they offer a range of contemporary homes that emphasize modern aesthetics, energy efficiency, and functionality. Their process includes design consultation, fabrication, and installation, ensuring a seamless and quality construction experience. Modern Modular aims to transform perceptions of modular living by providing beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly living spaces.


Modern Modular




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Modern Modular prides itself on the efficiency and speed of its construction process. Prefabricated in a controlled environment, their homes are assembled on-site quickly, minimizing delays and disruptions. This method ensures consistent quality and faster completion times compared to conventional building techniques.

By leveraging our services, LaLune enhances brand visibility, engages target audiences, and drives online traffic for clients. For instance, their effective social media management and content creation strategies have helped clients like Modern Modular overcome awareness and perception challenges, reaching a broader audience and differentiating their offerings in a competitive market.

LaLune Marketing enhanced Modern Modular's presence at the 2024 Calgary Home and Garden Show through strategic event marketing. They utilized social media campaigns to build anticipation, and provided professional photography and videography to capture the event's highlights. This comprehensive approach not only increased booth traffic but also created engaging content for future marketing efforts, showcasing Modern Modular's innovative prefab homes.

LaLune Marketing assisted Modern Modular in building compelling case studies for their website by integrating SEO strategies, website updates, and development.

We crafted detailed and engaging copywriting to highlight Modern Modular's projects, ensuring the content was optimized for search engines.

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