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Woodpecker Coats x Calgary Flames

Woodpecker Coats is a Canadian company specializing in high-end, cruelty-free outerwear. They offer a variety of winter coats, lightweight coats, vests, wind shells, and accessories for men, women, and children. Their products are designed to provide superior warmth and style, with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. The brand highlights its Canadian roots and includes a range of stylish, premium-quality apparel suitable for cold climates.


Woodpecker Coats





Type of Work

Campaign Management

Woodpecker, a Canadian outerwear brand, played a key role in keeping the Calgary Flames' players and their families warm during the NHL Heritage Classic's Family Skate Day. This event, held the day before the big game, saw participants wearing Woodpecker coats to brave the cold. Woodpecker's founder, Will Poho, expressed pride in contributing to such a quintessentially Canadian event, combining hockey and high-quality winter apparel.

LaLune Marketing was responsible for organizing and photographing the Calgary Flames' Family Skate Day for the NHL Heritage Classic. They coordinated the event and captured images of players and their families enjoying the day, all while wearing Woodpecker coats. This effort helped highlight the warmth and style of Woodpecker's outerwear in a real-world, family-oriented setting, showcasing LaLune Marketing's expertise in event management and visual storytelling.

LaLune effectively showcased Woodpecker's outerwear in action, highlighting the brand's warmth and style. Our expertise in event management and visual storytelling can benefit other clients in similar industries by creating impactful, engaging events and promotional materials that enhance brand visibility and appeal.

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